I love you and so does my pancreas
Hello! This is a blog. This blog contains art. This is a description.

Not much art lately. Here’s some doodles I did on memos when I was super bored on the flight home yesterday.

This is what Catato looked like when it first formed.

happy birthday siins!! bless ur face.

those biscuit-cigarettes eh?

Hey do any of you ever feel so lost, like you don’t know what to do, and at night , sometimes even during the day, you just lay there, trying to think of something, anything, to shake yourself out of this uninspiring and stale time of your life, but you just

Lunchtime doodle againn

my chara Rayse with an alpaca sdjklfllll

I can’t sleep.


I just wanted to draw Hannah in armour shrugs


This just goes to show you how ecstatic I am! I had both pieces of fan-art that I received last night printed and framed! They look fantastic! (Although you can’t tell - sorry, my room has crappy lighting!)

Ohh I can’t believe I never saw this until now!!