I love you and so does my pancreas
Name: Catato/Cata (Steph)
Gender: nah
Pronouns: she or they
Ace/most likely aro

Hello! This is a blog. This blog contains art. This is a description. Check my tags for an idea of what I post!
Asker hannahluvz Asks:
Do you like pokemon? :)
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I have never played the games later than d/p though.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I really like the way you draw Lalna!
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roseyanon replied to your post “for the ask meme :D Sjin: Have you ever built anything? Nilesy: Do you enjoy swimming? Xephos: Do you prefer your space or having company?”

kek; yeah they beat me to it :D love the answer style you’re using!

Hehe, glad you like them! I thought since this is an art blog why not try and answer asks with pictures.

roseyanon replied to your post “Lalna/Nano :)”

i usually picture it as memorization of names and theories (which both art and science have) versus just doing shit and seeing what happens (which both art and science have) :3 when put like that, which is more your style?

My style…? As in like style of thinking? Hmm, I’m best at learning by watching/through visuals, and that applies to both science and art? They’re both just so interconnected, really! I like to follow both art and science pages/blogs and I guess I don’t really think about them as completely separate subjects. They’re all under one feed on my daily perusal of the internets.

Asker roseyanon Asks:
for the ask meme :D Sjin: Have you ever built anything? Nilesy: Do you enjoy swimming? Xephos: Do you prefer your space or having company?
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Sjin and Xeph answered here. Nilesy answered here. :D

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Lalna/Nano :)
catatodraws catatodraws Said:

(Already answered for Nano!)

lmao sorry I just

see ‘art vs. science’ a lot but my opinion is that these two are really interconnected like

art can be a science you study and dissect things and you observe from life

science is also a sort of art form you observe life and experiment and write and/or sketch it down

so what these two basic descriptions of the science and art process sounds so similar to each other WAIT… they’re exactly the same doop.

Asker yogs-outlet Asks:
Xephos, Nano and Sjin for the yogscast ask thing
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An elaboration: Interacting socially/being around people is… stressful to me, and when I’m home I’d rather be left alone.

But it’s slightly different on the internet- I’m still bad at interacting with people online, but at least there’s a screen so it’s better. I actually enjoy the company of people online, like hanging out in streams and just chattin and what not. Also I love getting asks jsyk.


I just don’t have anything that means a lot to me enough to get it needle-punched into my skin


Does assembling shelves count

I DID make a sculpture before does that count too

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Honeydew and Nilesy?
catatodraws catatodraws Said:

No preference for metal, as long as it’s a compound that doesn’t cause me to have an allergic reaction.

The last time I swam was in an infinity pool but it was FREEZING.

Asker angsty-fart Asks:
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Even when I have steeled myself to get dirty like doing chores or whatever I still get the ‘eurghhhh’ feeling at touching dust or grime.

  • Honeydew: What's your favourite gemstone and metal?
  • Xephos: Do you prefer your space or having company?
  • Lalna: Science or art?
  • Sjin: Have you ever built anything?
  • Sips: Do you mind being dirty or do you like to be clean all the time?
  • Lomadia: Favourite type of bird?
  • Nano: Have you got any tattoos?
  • Nilesy: Do you enjoy swimming?
  • Littlewood: Do you like the outdoors?
  • Zoey: Have you ever tried mushrooms?




Now we know what Lalna gets up to whenever Nano’s out.

/casually reblogs this

I’m kinda behind on videos has the purple stuff happened yet