I love you and so does my pancreas
Hello! This is a blog. This blog contains art. This is a description.


I am being totally serious about this process

Going to look up ‘cauterisation' but accidentally typing in 'castration'.image

Back, lost my earphones, but I bring sketches.



Yup, I’ve been saying I want to do some Endergame art for a while now, I’m planning on making this one a mirror of this… yes.

ff au more like black hat waltz films au


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Have fun friend!

I will, thanks! :D

On that note I’m gonna be going to spending the weekend with my sisters again before my eldest sister flies back to Aust this sun so I’m not gonna be around for a couple days?

My younger sister A is on her semester break so she gets to stay with my eldest sister P at the hotel and while P is off at work during the day A is just playing lego marvel heroes on the ps4 at the hotel’s gameroom she sends pics and videos occassionally do you have any idea how jelly I am this is one long sentence with no break at all grammar out the window.

thank you to whoever messaged me, I appreciate the encouraging words ;-;

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this au is really making me want to replay ff9