I love you and so does my pancreas
Name: Catato/Cata (Steph)
Gender: nah
Pronouns: she or they
Ace/most likely aro

Hello! This is a blog. This blog contains art. This is a description. Check my tags for an idea of what I post!

I’m missing my ENTIRE 2011 art folder w hat

“Good thing you already hate me.”

Finished this on the stream today!! Fanart for Ento’s Endergame.

Been working on this on and off since… last month, but it was something nice to focus on. Oh, I drew it so it’d mirror this one hee.

um yeah I streamed again today and

(thanks to monsieurlebattlier for input)

siins replied to your post: Sream 19/09/14



Internet slows down at night all the time here, so unfortunately I couldn’t continue streaming even though I still wanted to ):

Thanks to everyone who dropped by, whether you just lurked, or chatted a bit!

I think I’ll do this again tomorrow maybe, it’s actually p relaxing once I got over my nervousness haha

and to close this off, a couple doodles from the stream:

such a pretty werewolf

drawing this made me laugh so hard I shook jeebus

We are the universe. We are everything you think isn’t you. You are looking at us now, through your skin and your eyes. And why does the universe touch your skin, and throw light on you? To see you, player. To know you. And to be known.

Lunchtime doodleeeeeeee

I’m going mad I’ve been listening to DWP’s version of the end poem on repeat for two days straight now

it’s… not as much as a thing I associate with just Kirin alone but more like… demigods and… their demigodness… in general?


A great thing about posting wips is that I can catch values that are too similar then I can go and fix it

same goes for daily doodles I can see that they’re messy for presentation I need to clean them up better.


Today has been fiddling with the cloak and clothing, and refining a lot of Ryth in general and also trying to remember how I drew power armour??

It’s time to head to bed, back to work again tomorrow

(Also my PS suddenly gave up on saving images as pngs… I COULD fix it if I convert it to RGB but I’ve been working in this mode since the start that will just make the colour go off eeeehh)

@anon Sorry uh I’m not taking requests at the mo, but I’ll keep your message in my inbox for the day when I do open requests, alright? (which I will def do in the future, just not now)

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Whats with the porkchop sandwich joke? Did I miss something?
catatodraws catatodraws Said:

it’s based on this gem. (warning for string of swearing)